Initial Training:
WW Farms starts colts (or filly’s) for all riding disciplines. We place an early emphasis on ground training, use of the round pen and driving lines. We don’t break horses. We “will” them firmly to “want” to work. If they are started correctly, that foundation, will be a stable building block for anything taught thereafter.

We will not take, in training, anymore than 3 horses during a 30-day period. They will be worked with each day with a promise to be on their back as much as reasonably possible. Every horse is different and has different needs, just as you and I. We do not believe in a “cookie cutter” starting/training regiment. But the end result, a good foundation, is our goal. We, too, want you to get your moneys worth. After all, your horse’s success, is our success.


$800.00 per month