About the Program: “Centered and Serious”

dillon-smlWW Farms lesson program is less of a standard riding program and more of a structured meeting of the mind and body of horse and rider. It’s a physical and mental workout. It is less about walking, trotting or loping around the arena, or the cones, or the tires, or the barrels, or the poles; and more about mastering the “art” of control and balance through a centered riding approach. If you can sit in the center of your horse and maintain control over its body (not just its face) with your body (not just your hands), while performing maneuvers that involve cones, tires, barrels, or poles, than you can apply that art to what ever discipline or sport you choose.

Our clients are diverse in age, desire, discipline, and goal; but they are similar in that each seeks to establish a good Western seat, raise their level of skill, and heighten their riding performance.


(to determin horse/rider level, assess issues, and establish goals)

About the Coach: Melissa Woods (from the horses mouth…)

Junior2-smlI don’t have any big claim to fame. I just love riding and I enjoy teaching others. I have been riding as long as I can remember and have ridden both English and Western. I have been a member, and Barrel Racing competitor, of CPRA (Cowboy Professional Rodeo Association) since 1998. I am also a WPRA (Women’s Professional Rodeo Association) competitor and money earner. Although my long-term personal goal is an invite to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on the way to the NFR, at this point I am honored to compete against the best of the best, when it is feasible. And I am content staying close to home to enjoy my family for now.

I have been asked by some why I think I make a good coach and my reply is: I have a good eye for balance and body mechanics of both horse and rider and I am serious about helping others learn to ride, whether it is: for the first time, to improve their riding skills, to break through frustrating plateaus, or compete! And if I can’t help you, I promise, I know someone that can.